Werq Chat allows doctors to message each other, regardless of EMR, of where you work, and of which country you are in.
The app is free to use for all healthcare workers, if you are a new user and sign up by May 31, 2020
or login from desktop via chat.werq.com
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Created by Doctors, for Doctors
We are a busy specialist practice with multiple offices in NYC. As we grew, we founded Werq to solve our own problems – and we are dedicated to helping other practices solve theirs.
Supporting Doctors During the Pandemic
Werq Chat is helping physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers across the globe making connections and sharing knowledge during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Introducing Werq Chat. For All Your Work Messaging.

Secure Messaging

100% HIPAA compliant, risk free.
Only you have access to your messages

Read Receipts

Get read receipts so you know your HIPAA compliant message was received and read

Group Messaging

Add as many users as you want
Message your coworkers, or collaborate with other doctors’ offices
Wether you work in a hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office, it’s easy to reach the employees you work with, and the ones that work somewhere else.
Send and receive messages and files
With Werq Chat is easy to upload a photo, video, audio, PDF, Word file, or Excel file directly from your desktop or mobile.
Have a conversation around a particular topic using our thread function
Stop scrolling up and down through your chats. With Werq you can keep everything in order with separate threads. Available on chat.werq.com. Coming soon on mobile.
Grow your network
Connect with other users who already joined Werq Network. It’s as easy as one click and you don’t need someone’s phone number to start messaging.
For healthcare workers, by invitation only.
Email us at join@werq.com for more informations
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