Werq - a healthcare collaboration network created by doctors for doctors

Ditch the fax, quit playing phone tag - connect, collaborate between offices in/out of network to get work done in real time

Find the right provider for your patient’s needs in and out of network

Our solutions help you find the perfect provider-patient match based on patient preferences, insurance plans, rich provider data, diagnosis and cost/quality.

Communicate & collaborate with patients & provider office staff in real time

Our solutions make communicating with patients, providers & staff in and out of network as easy as using WhatsApp, SMS or Facebook Messenger.

Send and receive, coordinate and track referrals in real time using Werq

Referral management is daunting. It is endless. We know. Our solutions help you manage referrals, send referral updates, coordinate with patients - all without double data entry. Use Werq as a standalone product or integrate with your EMR to streamline your work even further!

Manage referral outcomes, open referral status, exception reports

Patients don’t call, don’t show up, specialist offices don’t provide outcome reports, PCP staff doesn’t send required patient data. We know it as we live it everyday!
We help you stay on top of all this without adding more headcount.

Stop referral leakage, build a stronger network & increase referral volumes

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Referral Networking

Reducing workflow burden with automated referral networking mgmt.

Referral Networking

Why referral networking matters?

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